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The Imperialism Of Daring To Outstretch Your Hand

December 18, 2009

You live and breath.  You strive.  You love.  Everything that you do is in the pursuit of truth.

With each of our investigations, with our drive for understanding we reach out into the universe and pump our living veins of thought and action deeper into it.  Extending the touch of thought to new avenues.  We are bringing a dead world to life.  This is the entirety of science.  This is what it is.  Reaching out.  Deeper and deeper contact.

Science is all that you do that might actually be called living.

It is a struggle.  A project.  An undertaking.  A dance.  A caress.  A howl.   Not a god.

And the universe is not a victim.  Because it isn’t really anything.  Not yet.


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