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What Hath Science Wrought?

December 18, 2009

What hath science wrought?  Only ever good things.

You may not have been prepared for the order or relative speed in which they were discovered.  But that’s your failing.

You call our desire to actually live arrogance!  You would rather we cower, to be perpetually terrorized into submission at the thought of what your brethren might do with our discoveries.   Fuck you.

Which is more unethical?  To confine humanity to the meaningless, useless, shallow, worthless gruel you pretend comprises an existence.  Or to act as we would have others act:  To strive, to seek and not to yield.  To embody, ever so slightly, the world we want to see some day.  The explosion of ingenuity, imagination and exploration that your kind — the preachers, the politicians, cops, fratboys & corporate goons — is working so hard to hold us all back from today.

When you euphemistically say that scientists ‘should think before they act‘ what you mean is that they should not think at all.  That we should remain the battered wives of your twisted society.  Ever terrified that anything we do might set off another round of beatings.  How will you use it against me this time?  If we split the atom, will you use it to roast children?  If we hack genes will you use it to impoverish the third world?

Well I’ve got news for you.  All science, all thought, all exploration increases our capacity to act.  It increases what you are capable of.  There is no neutral science.  All science, however marginally, however eventually, increases your capacity for psychopathy.   Your capacity for psychopathy.  Because it increases our capacity in general.  Sure in certain social contexts certain developments might appear to weigh more directly in the favor of the armies of control or the armies of resistance.  But those contexts are always changing, always capable of drastically reversing.  The liberator’s tool today the imperialist’s tomorrow.  The Empire’s prized invention its critical undoing in the hands of the resistance.  Each new avenue of contact we develop with the universe will lead to others, will almost certainly morph in ways still unknown, without regard for the precarity of your psychoses and social structures.

The more we dare to live the greater the stakes will be.


There was never going to be a rematch.  The war between power and humanity is coming to a head.  Our future is already on the table.  And while it may surprise you,  those of us on the side of the human spirit are actually playing to win.  We will not assist your mad bid to buy time by forsaking our souls.  We will not ditch our best weapon.  We will not cower from your abusive threats.  Go fuck yourself.


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